Some lamps made from shells, mostly as simple table lamps, but others to have irregular light sources, smartphones with long randomish videos showing, to give an unpredictable and very attenuated light source, as that of a dying star or flourescent tube. Ideally they would be displayed in a darkened gallery with proximity switches partly controlling the lamps and sources of discomfiting “musical” sound.


Some Caligari Cabinet projects from the nineties.

Bed and Shelves Kyd door closed Kyd door open Scott Table Sideboard_0001Some fitted and free-standing projects, all made with router-guided templates rather than hand-carving, so notionally suitable for mass production.

The (centre-folding) door in cherry has a transom holding four pieces of hand-blown glass. The oval shelves and the little

white sideboard are in MDF, while the black day-bed in stained ash, and the desk is of various solid and veneer oaks.